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Monday, January 3, 2011

How to setup CLS (creative lighting systems)

                                               Nikon CLS 

How to configure Nikon CLS on: D90
Use CLS in P, S, A or M Exposure Modes.

1.) From the Pencil Menu on the main menu select Bracketing/Flash [ENTER]
2.) Select Flash Control for Built-in Flash [ENTER]
3.) Select Command Mode, [ENTER]
4.) Select TTL options, Channel and configure Groups [ENTER]
SB600 Considerations:
The SB600 will only work in TTL mode, so by selecting Manual or AA the SB600 will not fire.
When you power off the SB600 the settings will reset to Channel 4 and Group A. The SB800 will remember it’s setting, to make life easier on myself I always select Chanel 4 (for all SB Flashes) and group all SB600′s in Group A.
Don’t forget to open the Built-in Flash on your camera body.

SB 600

To Enter CLS Mode:
1.) Hold down ZOOM and - at the same time to enter CLS settings. Note the gray CLS markings between these two buttons.
2.) Press the + or – button to scroll to the Z icon. This enables wireless communication between the SB600 and the camera.
3.) Press MODE until you see ON. If you have done it correctly you should now see Channel 4, Group A.
4.) Press MODE to make either the Channel or Group to flash.
5.) Press the + or - to select the desired Channel and Group.
To Exit CLS Mode:
1.) Press ZOOM and - at the same time to exit CLS mode or simply tap the POWER button to return to normal operating mode.
The SB-600 does not have a Standby Mode. You will drain your batteries if you forget to turn the power off. You should see the two LEDs flashing on the front of your flash when the power is on.

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